The Shape of Freedom: read, listen, watch

Recommended reading list, podcasts and films.

Keen to dive deeper into themes and artists from the exhibition The Shape of Freedom

REading list

Albert Camus - Create Dangerously 
Mary Gabriel - Ninth Street Women  
Barbara Hess - Abstract Expressionism  
Ellen G. Landau (ed), Reading Abstract Expressionism – Context and Critique 
Frances Stonor Saunders - Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War 


Royal Academy of Arts, London: Intro to Abstract Expressionism   

Sarah Churchwell on background  

 Women of AbEx  
Art Curious: 
Rivals: Pollock vs. De Kooning 
Rivals: Lee Krasner and Elaine de Kooning vs. Their Husbands 

Rothko’s No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red) 
The CIA/AbEx Connection  
HerArt Podcast:
Joan Mitchell - the Last Abstract Expressionist 


Painters Painting - classic American film from 1972 (dir. Emile de Antonio) 

 Post-War Paris: Dubuffet, Wols, Fautrier

Artist clips:  
Karel Appel  
Jean Dubuffet 
Helen Frankenthaler  
Rupprecht Geiger (på tysk)  
Adolph Gottlieb 
Simon Hantai 
Asger Jorn
Franz Kline
Lee Krasner
Georges Mathieu 
Joan Mitchell 
Barnett Newman
Jackson Pollock

Mark Rothko  
Rothko & Mozart 
The Case for Mark Rothko 
Pierre Soulages
Hedda Sterne 
Clyfford Still 
Antoni Tapies  
Maria Vieira da Silva 
‘My Cat Could Make That’ (TED Talk - for kids): 
What is abstract expressionism? - Sarah Rosenthal  

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