Enter The Brain Maze

Join us inside the interactive experience, and get some insights into how artist Jennie Hagevik Bringaker has worked to create it.

The Brain Maze – an enormous yet intricate labyrinth of crumpled cardboard – fills one of the largest galleries at the new MUNCH in Bjørvika. You can disappear into this labyrinth and write and draw on the walls, play games, explore at your own pace, crawl into a dark cave, or simply settle down for a breather, among other things. The only limits are those imposed by your imagination! The installation is inspired by the human brain, as well as by Edvard Munch’s experimental working methods. 

More about The Brain Maze here

The video is created by MUNCH in collaboration with Process Films AS
Head of digital production: Maria Sun Hansen
Director: Shruti Ganguly
Production assistant: Emil Stedje Heggestad