Munch abroad: Prague

See how conservation work is done when MUNCH lends artworks.

There is a vast interest for borrowing art works from MUNCH’s collection, and the museum goes to great lengths to meet such requests. This is a way to reach new target groups, increase the public's knowledge of the collection, and contribute to exciting exhibition projects both in Norway and internationally. Before the art works can be sent on their journey, the condition must be examined by our conservators. Often the art works also require conservation treatment prior to the loan. In this way we ensure that they will withstand any transport and exposure concerns. A total of four condition checkings are carried out during the lending period, as a type of insurance for the museum.

The exhibition named Wood / Cut. Gauguin, Orlik, Klemm, Munch, Bílek, Váchal is scheduled to open in May at the National Gallery in Prague. MUNCH has lent six woodcuts and a printing plate to the exhibition. 

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