Munch on the road

Join us behind the scenes when MUNCH's conservator inspects an object.

In May, the exhibition Woodc / Cut. Gauguin, Orlik, Klemm, Munch, Bílek, Váchal will open at the National Gallery in Prague. MUNCH has lent out six woodcuts and the printing plate Bathing Woman to the exhibition. The plate, seen in the film above, is carved with a gouge. Before the objects can be sent off on their journey, their conditions are assessed by our conservators, and any damages and fragile areas need to be documented. For example, on Bathing Woman, several unstable areas were discovered that needed to be glued.

Edvard Munch was a very productive and proficient graphic artist, and MUNCH’s collection contains over 500 printing plates from his estate, comprised of wood, metal and litho stone.

Join us behind the scenes and get an insight into how our conservators work to preserve our fragile inheritance from Edvard Munch.