At MUNCH, we devote one Sunday each month to our little visitors


24.03.2024 10:15
24.03.2024 11:15
24.03.2024 13:15
24.03.2024 14:15

Suitable for: Children age 3-12 yrs accompanied by an adult
Duration: approx 60 min
Place: Meet up in the lobby

In spring 2024, several exhibitions at MUNCH will be focusing on nature and the environment. On our Children’s Art Days in January, March and May, we invite children and grown-ups to create pigments and paints from natural materials, and then paint along with a real professional artist. The types of plants and minerals we use will be differen each time. 

february 11th

Colour workshop using natural pigments
Sarah Vajira Lindström 

Sarah Vajira Lindström is an artist who loves exploring textiles and natural pigments in her work. 

In this workshop during our Children’s Art Day, youngsters will be able to learn about the colours we can extract from natural sources, particularly from foodstuffs. For this session, Sarah will get hold of food waste from the museum’s restaurant, from which we will make colours for painting with. We will get to know more about the various colours that come from different sources, and see what happens when they are mixed.