Ute presents: Aural Connection Vol.2 Concert

Let your brain do the dancing when the Ute collective again visits MUNCH for a night of trippy downtempo, shamanistic IDM and psychedelic ambient

Doors open: 19:30
Start: 20:00
Age limit: 18 yrs

Omformer (live)  
Marius (DJ set)  
Ekkel (DJ set)  
Haider (visuals)  
Oslo’s Ute collective create a 360 degree audio-visual experience! In a mix of live music and DJ sets, you can take a journey through psychedelic ambient, trippy downtempo, shamanistic IDM (intelligent dance music) and ambient.  
Tonight’s line-up includes a live set from Omformer, the duo of Mikkel Rev and Oprofessionell. For the rest of the night, DJs Marius Bø and Ekkel connect old school beats with 21st century electronic music.  
Oslo’s Ute collective has been active since 2017. Starting with outdoor raves in the forest, they engage their love of 90s psychedelic trance music with underground club events and their associated record labels Ute.Rec, Translusid and Sinensis. 

Photo: UTE pres. -23 by Einar Fuglem