THE SCREAM – LIVE: Munch’s text

On 7 July you can learn more about the text Edvard Munch wrote about the famous motif, when art historian Signe Endresen shows up our livestream of The Scream.
From Edvard Munch's sketchbooks: Left: Despair, with version of The Scream text. Coal, oil, 1892 (probable).Right: Handwritten text. "I was walking along the road with two friends". Watercolor, circa 1930. Photo © Munchmuseet



Before The Scream transformed into an image, it took shape as a text. In the winter of 1892, Munch recorded a poem in his diary, which described a walk with his friends. He was captivated by the view of the flaming clouds and the blue-black city and water. Shivering with anxiety, sensing «a great and infinite scream through nature.», he had to stop.

MUNCH's art historian Signe Endresen visits our livestream of The Scream to talk about about this text.

The presentation is held in English.