Guided Tour at Ekely

Experience Edvard Munch's garden and atelier at Ekely, in Oslo.
Edvard Munch: Edvard Munch in the open-air studio at Ekely, 1933. Photo © Munchmuseet



Welcome to guided tour of Edvard Munch's garden and studio at Ekely. The tour addresses Munch's time at Ekely and the art that was created there.

The tour will be held in Norwegian. Due to limited capacity, you must make a reservation in advance. 

Place: Ekely, Jarlsborgveien 14
Attendance: In the parking lot outside the studio at Ekely

We encourage our visitors to walk or cycle, as there are limited opportunities for parking. Upon arrival by car, it is recommended to park along Gråbrødreveien below the studio.

Our infection control measures:

  • To ensure a safe visit and an optimal experience for you as a visitor, we have reduced the upper limit of visitors. We advice that you buy your tickets in advance.
  • Participants are encouraged to limit contact with non-cleanable surfaces, such as trees and outdoor benches. Sanitizers will be available and extra cleaning will be done where we see the need.
  • We encourage our visitors to follow generel advice to prevent infection: keep one meter's distance and effective hand hygiene. 
  • We remind you that sick people should stay at home. If you experience symptoms during your visit with us, leave the event immediately.