Okay Kaya: Wet Suit

– a show exploring sonic landscapes under water.


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Okay Kaya premieres her new work Wet Suit for MUNCH.  In the performance Okay Kaya collaborates with artist Bridget Ferrill. They explore Okay Kayas most recent album The Incompatible Okay Kaya with a sonic performance, picked up by hydrophones through water.

To touch you twice 
Break you in a good way like a 
Wave birthing wave 
different exotic fishes
Not fucking ridiculous here’s
A breath forced steady 
No gulping 
Salt in your crevice
Here’s harmony doubled 
Imagine a most calming practice 
A bunny in the palm of your hand after 
Wild bird of prey shift is over 
When women are vampires no longer 
And air is not enough to tell you so 

Kaya Wilkins is a Norwegian-American Berlin-based musician, composer, and artist who records and performs as Okay Kaya. Okay Kaya has released numerous acclaimed albums including Both (2018) and most recently Watch This Liquid Pour Itself (2020) which won the Spellemann Award for best Indie/Alternative (2021) followed by her companion album Surviving Is The New Living (2020) with new releases scheduled for 2021 and 2022 on Jagjaguwar. Wilkins has collaborated with artists including Onyx Collective, Anne Imhof, Porches, King Krule, Jamie xx and Adinah Dancyger amongst others. Wilkins starred in Joachim Trier’s celebrated film Thelma (2017) for which she was nominated for an Amanda Award for Best Supporting Role and won the Robert Awards for Best Original Song One Last Time in the movie Exit Plan (2020).