CANCELLED: Film screening with Nicole Rafiki

MUNCH invites you to a film screening with the artist and curator Nicole Rafiki.
MUNCH, Tøyen

She will present her own work and clips from feature films such as Black Venus (2010), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and Krotoa (2017). Rafiki is interested in issues linked to identity, gender and social construction with a special focus on the black female body. Rafiki focus on the limitations put on the female body during the colonialization of Africa and the consequences of these for a person affected by global migration, someone like herself. How does this background influence our understanding of identity in a cross-cultural context where the female body is black, but Western – simultaneously local and global?

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Nicole Rafiki is an artist and curator based in Oslo and Johannesburg. She uses textiles, text and photography to challenge the stereotypical depictions of space, contexts and persons impacted by global migration.  Rafiki is the founder of the Oslo-based non-profit institution Rafiki Art Initiatives (RAI). In 2020 she was a festival artist at the culture and music festival Oslo World and her works were presented in the solo exhibition BIS at Kunstplass Contemporary Art, in addition to the solo exhibition Ascension at Oslo’s House of Photography. In 2021 she is participating with works in Østlandsutstillingen.