Lafawndah + Julia Greni

Diasporic avant pop and minimalist electronic-songs.

Photo: Claire Arnold

Doors open 20:00 
Event start 21:00

After Lafawndah (aka Yasmine Dubois) debuted on Warp Records in 2016 the multitalented singer, producer and director has developed into a pop innovator who is destined for even greater things. Raised in Paris, where she studied art history, and with Egyptian, Iranian and English heritage, she has lived in Tehran, New York and even Mexico City. Her music is full of influences from around the world. Catch her now at MUNCH before her career moves to the next level.  

Julia Greni released her debut Fieldmoment this year, which alerted many listeners to this young Oslo artist. The Greni family is already well established on the Norwegian music scene, but Julia treads a completely different path from her father Øystein. Her music is deconstructed, minimalist pop and electronica. Live, you can hear both acoustic compositions and electro ballads, with a playful streak.