KMRU (live) & Kim Dürbeck Music

Two artists, two modes: KMRU lets the audience lower their shoulders, while Kim Dürbeck is best known for creating an energetic dance floor.
Sky Room

Doors open 19:30
Event start 20:00
Age limit: 18

Joseph Kamaru (aka KMRU)earned international acclaim for his ambient recordings – hypnotic, densely layered swirls of field recording, improvisation, noise, radio art and expansive drones. Much of his 2020 album Peel (Editions Mego) was recorded at sites around his native Nairobi, Kenya. KMRU is currently studying Sonic Arts in Berlin. This live set will be full of textural depth and kaleidoscopic patterns.

Kim Dürbeck is a Norwegian-Vietnamese DJ and producer based in Sandefjord. In association with the Dugnad Rec label he is breaking down borders between jazz, electronica and alternative club sounds. He also releases remixes, ambient, techno and IDM internationally.