han gaiden + Nothing Personal Concert

A night featuring two of the hippest electronic acts from today’s Norwegian underground.



Photo: Christopher Næss

Doors open 20:00
Event start 21:00
18 years age limit, mobile bar

Oslo based electronic group han gaiden have come up with a music brimming with playful vocal harmonies, improvisation, danceable beats and melodic, dreamy saxophone. Together they have created a completely distinctive sound with innovative lyrics expressing youthful energy, streetwise cynicism and vulnerability. Following their appearance at by:Larm last year, the trio of Kristin Myhrvold, Ingrid Skåland Lia and Ragnhild Moan broke through with their brilliant debut album you called me your erika (Mutual Intentions) in spring 2022.  
Nothing Personal is another trio – Dorothea Økland, Thea Emilie Wang and Solveig Wang – who are passionate about gadgets and vintage electronics. On their stunning debut The Alchemy of Nothing Personal (Dugnad Rec.) they transform keyboards and synths found at flea markets into musical gold. They describe their methods as ‘curated improvisation’, combining elements from jazz, experimental pop, R&B and electroacoustic music.