Eartheater Concert

Gorgeous pop music with shades of the grotesque and bizarre
Eartheater will have a concert during Text at MUNCH in november.



Doors open: 20:45
Start time: 21:00
Tickets for the Eartheater concert are included in the Text at Munch Friday Pass

Eartheater never compromises. She hunts for both the inner darkness and inner light that dwell inside of her, and us. The quest has seen her upend most musical genres, resulting in collaborations with a wide range of sonic peers, along with renowned fashion designers Shayne Oliver and Mugler’s Casey Cadwallader.

From ephemeral folk, to experimental electronic music, to her current album that sees the musician tackle gorgeous pop music, yet all the while subverting the pop idiom with shades of the grotesque and bizarre. Her new album, Powder, was recorded in some of Los Angeles’ most storied recording studios, where some of the most important pop music of the last 50 years has been made.

Eartheater is on a different mission, though. In the liminal space between the twinkling surface of the music, and the uncanniness of her lyrics, lies the mystery of transformation. “Caterpillars start to eat ravenously right before they become a butterfly. They, like, eat themselves to death, basically”, as she puts it. Transformation may be magical, but it is seldom a peaceful process.  

Eartheater's concert in Oslo is one of few European concerts the Brooklyn-based artist will give this fall. 

Photo: Hannah Khymych