Carmen Villain

Experience Carmen Villain's unique atmospheric sound at the top of MUNCH.
Sky Room

Norwegian-Mexican artist and producer Carmen Villain has quietly been creating her own niche on the DJ and mixtape scene. At MUNCH, her performance is fused with her DJ work to create a kind of hybrid set, where we can expect live instrumental improvisation overlaying the tracks she loves. At MUNCH, Villain is joined by her regular collaborators the flutist Johanna Scheie Orellana and showing visuals by the artist Ida Aurora Høiklev Ribu.

Through several self-produced releases with record companies such as Geographic North (USA) and Longform Editions (AUS), she has fashioned her own unique expression that consists of a fusion of experimental dub, ambient music, and electronica. Her DJ sets can contain anything from cosmic free jazz to percussion rhythms, and bass music.

Villain makes atmospheric music made up of tapestries of field-recordings, acoustic instruments such as flute, clarinet, piano, and electronics, culminating in her own distinctive sound combining elements of fourth world, dub and ambient. Two of the albums have been nominated for the Spellemann Awards, including Both Lines Will Be Blue (2019) in the electronic category. Her latest EP, Perlita, was released in January 2021.