Lesia Vasylchenko

Tachyoness (2022)

A large screen is filled with a glowing, pulsating, slowly changing sun. This video is composed from more than a thousand photographs of sunrises over Ukraine during the past 30 years. Using a ‘machine learning' process, an artificial intelligence program constructed the sequence from the artist’s collection of images. All of the sunrise photos were taken during the historically significant period from the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s to the present day. The title takes its name from a ‘tachyon’, a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light.
Where: On the screen next to the ticket gates on the ground floor 

A commission for The Machine is Us

Lesia Vasylchenko (b. 1990 Ukraina, based in Oslo, Norway) is an artist and curator. Her work with installations, moving pictures and photography raises questions around temporality, history and memorialising. Vasylchenko is a co-curator for the artist-run gallery Podium (Oslo) and the founder of STRUKTURA.Time, a pan-disciplinary initiative for research and practice in the area between visual art, media archaeology, literature and philosophy.