Marisa Anderson and Jim White (US/AUS)
Lasse Marhaug (NO)
Evicshen (US)
Maggie Nicols/Mark Wastell/Matilda Rolfsson (UK/SE)
Fredrik Rasten (NO)
Naoko Sakata (JP)
Stina Stjern + Elina Waage Mikalsen (NO)
Teip Trio + Lene Grenager (NO)
Nice Things Full Community (NO/DK)
DJ Elin Már (NO)

MUNCH has been presenting new music since the 1960s, and has no plans to let the tradition fall apart. In collaboration with All Ears, a dynamic program is presented with the very best of new Norwegian and international improvised music. The festival is a melting pot that contains noise, avant-garde, metal, jazz and minimalism. The experimental attitude is the common thread, and it is the stage for both surprises and new impulses. 

The festival takes place at MUNCH 13-15 January, and you can buy day passes or a festival pass for all days.

More about the programme and artists at All Ears