Experience groundbreaking new music, in a festival filled with improvisation and experimentation. 


Daniel Blumberg
Sanskriti Shrestha & Andreas Wildhagen
Kristin Andersen Høvin
Kali Malone featuring Lucy Railton & Stephen O’Malley
The Touchables møter Dei Kjenslevare
crys cole
Kjetil Møster / Jørgen Træen / Hans Hulbækmo
Niklas Adam  / Jenny Berger Myhre

More about the programme and artists at All Ears

MUNCH has been presenting new music since the 1960s, and has no plans to let the tradition fall apart. In collaboration with All Ears, a dynamic program is presented with the very best of new Norwegian and international improvised music. The festival is a melting pot that contains noise, avant-garde, metal, jazz and minimalism. The experimental attitude is the common thread, and it is the stage for both surprises and new impulses. This year's festival marks the 20th anniversary of All Ears and the start of the collaboration with MUNCH.

The festival takes place at MUNCH 20–22 May, and you can buy day passes or a festival pass for all days.