Nothing is small

Nothing is small, nothing is large
We carry worlds inside us
The small part of
the large and the large part of the small
A drop of blood is an entire world with
its own sun and planets
The sea is but a drop of water from a tiny part of the body
God is in us and we are god
The primeval light is everywhere and it
never falls there is life
Everything is motion and light
Crystals are born and formed
just as children in their mother’s womb
The fire of life burns even in the hardest stone
Death is the beginning of life
The beginning of a new crystallisation
We do not die, the world fades away
Death is the love-making of live
Pain is the friend of joy 

To a woman
I am like a sleepwalker
Walking upon the eaves of a roof
Do not wake me brutally
or I shall fall down and be crushed