The blood roared

The blood roared inside him. A hellish
concoction brewed from the wine-like
blood of the plant –
mixed together with the female vampire’s poison –
There was a boiling
brew in the machinery of the brain
The cellular tissue of the brain expanded
Upon this par-boiled blown-out cellular
tissue the deceitful scriptures
of the devil were engraved as upon a phonograph
that cellular tissue was stretched like an
overblown balloon and collapsed like a
crumpled leaf before the cycle of boiling
and expansion recommenced
and the choir of devils screamed
A cremation of plan corpses
The tobacco sent
its anaesthetising and poisonous ash into
the passages and labyrinths of the skull
He saw a crowd of staring faces
Turned towards him
He lay broken in the street
He held a blood-red arm in the air