Welcome to a conversation about the role of language in the face of art


Sky Room | Seated event
11.09.2024 18:00

Doors: 17:30
Seated event
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"We have long focused on including young people with a multicultural background in the museum institutions, but we have overlooked the elderly. This is a unique chance to invite the first generation that came to Norway to explore contemporary art.
- Ifrah Osman

For the fourth edition of SOLO OSLO, Ifrah Osman has developed a dissemination project about the role of language in the face of art, which explores what happens when people are allowed to use their own mother tongue in conversations and reflections on artworks and exhibitions.

Osman has arranged a series of tours at MUNCH, where the aim has been to bring together parents with a multicultural background, who have adult children who are interested in or work in the field of art and culture. The tours are divided into three language groups, Urdu, Persian and Somali, with the participants' mother tongue used throughout the project. The tours are developed and held by interpreters, which creates a fertile environment for mutual reflection and dialogue. An important aspect of Osman's dissemination project is to make visible how the different languages ​​highlight and deepen different meanings and nuances, and how this opens up more ways to talk about art.

In this conversation, we will delve deeper into these questions. How do different cultural perspectives and different languages ​​affect how we interpret works of art? What role does dialogue play in encounters with art? What happens when we open up to a richer multilingualism in the Norwegian art institutions?

Ifrah Osman is the mediator for the fourth edition of SOLO OSLO. Osman has a deep interest in exploring the interaction between people and art. She wants to develop methods that make art more accessible to a wider audience. Her approach involves addressing contentious topics through dialogue and including different groups in these processes.

Photo: Still from film documentation of Osman’s project. Spindel Film (c) MUNCH.