Girls' Initiative Kicks off the Summer Holidays! consert

Girls' Initiative invites you to a tropical-themed party


Sky Room
30.06.2024 17:30

Doors open: 17:30
Suitable for girls and non-binary people aged 16-26.
Free entrance to the exhibition area prior to the event in Sky Room
Please allow plenty of time for events taking place in Sky Room on the 12th floor. Anyone planning to move between the exhibition floors should consider the extra time needed to deposit bags, umbrellas and liquids/bottles in the lockable lockers in the wardrobe area in the lobby.

We celebrate the summer holidays and everything we have achieved throughout this incredible year! 
Get yourself down to an evening of engaging conversations and inspiring companyin Oslo's most beautiful surroundings, overlooking the magical Oslo Fjord! 
The program has been created by Forandringshuset Grønland!
Jentesatsning is a collaborative project between Tøyen Akademiet and Forandringshuset Grønland, which consists of a group of young women who are passionate about inclusion and are dedicated to creating an offer run by girls, for girls.

Photo: Guttorm Stilén Johansen © Munchmuseet