Autumn Break at MUNCH Doll Portrait

Our aim is to focus on children's experience of art, and to allow them to encounter art on their own terms. How can we encapsulate our strange, wonderful selves in a single doll?


30.09.2023 11:00
30.09.2023 12:00
30.09.2023 13:30
30.09.2023 14:30
01.10.2023 11:00
01.10.2023 12:00

Suitable for: Children 3-12 yrs accompanied by an adult
Duration: 60 min
Place: Meet up in the lobby
The ticket includes entry to the exhibition area.

During this autumn break, MUNCH will be showing an exhibition by the American artist Alice Neel, who made many expressive portraits of her friends.

In the company of artist and dollmaker Suzannah Rrehell Øistad, we’ll create tiny portrait-sculptures of ourselves or others, which will try to say something about the strange and wonderful qualities that make us who we are. 

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