Catherine Christer Hennix’s Kamigaku Ensemble Performance

Majestic waves of harmonic sound.


22.04.2023 20:00

Photo: Ari Marcopoulos

Doors open 19:00

Catherine Christer Hennix’s newly formed Kamigaku Ensemble revisit the sonic territory of her 1970s group The Deontic Miracle. They explore the harmonic state that emerges when sustained tones are precisely tuned to their difference tones. Difference tones are produced both in distortion in audio signal processing and as a psychoacoustic phenomenon. By electronically intensifying these tones, the group immerse listeners in majestic waves of harmonic sound. The Kamigaku Ensemble is a co-commission from Blank Forms, MUNCH and Vassa Tassar. The event at MUNCH is presented in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival.

Catherine Christer Hennix (b. 1948) is a Swedish artist, composer, poet and mathematician. Since the 1970’s she has produced a large body of sound works including sine-wave compositions, solo works for tambura and for keyboard, as well as ensemble works for her own groups, The Deontic Miracle and Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage. In all of her sound work, Hennix focuses on the psychophysical effects of harmonic sound, effects which may ultimately restructure the dynamics of perception and prepare one for entering into the distinctionless state of being she refers to as divine equilibrium.

This arrangement of the Kamigaku Ensemble will feature Marcus Pal on electronics; Ellen Arkbro, Susana Santos Silva, and Hilary Jeffery on trumpet; and Amedeo Schwaller and Hennix on shō (a Japanese mouth organ). 
The Kamigaku Ensemble is supported by Empty Gallery Hong Kong, the Nordic Culture Fund and Swedish Arts Council.

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