Winter break workshop

Get creative with our mask making workshop with artist Helene Duckert.


Workshop, floor 3
19.02.2022 11:00
19.02.2022 12:00
19.02.2022 13:00
19.02.2022 14:00
20.02.2022 11:00
20.02.2022 12:00

During the winter break, MUNCH invites you to a mask making workshop with artist Helene Duckert. Duckert is inspired by the many mask-like faces that Edvard Munch used in his work to express dramatic emotions. Another starting point is the pandemic, when we’ve suddenly all had to start wearing masks. Optimism that we’ll soon have moved on from this difficult time is something that Duckert sees as a reason for a true masked celebration, in which we will transform utilitarian face masks into colourful party masks, among other things.

Suitable for: accompanied children aged 3-12.
Dates: 19-27 February, at 11, 12, 13 and 14.

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