The Body Says A baby-friendly performance

A sensuous performance for babies, performed inside the exhibition Monumental at MUNCH.


Meeting point: Lobby
19.01.2023 12:00
19.01.2023 13:00
19.01.2023 14:00
16.02.2023 12:00
16.02.2023 13:00
16.02.2023 14:00

In the exhibition Edvard Munch Monumental on floor 6 we offer a sensory art experience for the little ones. They get to meet two dancers who twist and turn, fall and crawl. Sometimes they dance softly and slowly, at other times they’re rushing around at full speed.

The performance is based on kinesthetic empathy and the idea that moving can be «contagious»: We can sense other people’s movements in our own body thanks to the mirror neurons in our brain. Mirror neurons play a central role when babies and children learn interaction and movement by copying their parents and other caretakers. 

Suitable for: Adults with babies, recommended about 6-9 months

250 NOK (2 adults + baby )
160 NOK (1 adult + baby) 
Tickets include entrance to all exhibitions

Practical information

  • You find HC-toilets with baby-changing in the cloakroom in the lobby and floor 3, 6, 9, 12 and 13.
  • Prams cannot be used inside our exhibitions. We recommend using baby carriers or wraps. 
  • You can bring with you food and drink for the baby. Other food and drink is not allowed, check out MUNCH deli & café on the ground floor. 

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