Otherworldly Resonances – Cikada & more Concert

A concert dedicated to composers and musicians who share a playful and adventurous relationship to music.


04.05.2022 19:00

The concert is moved to 3 May 2022. Ticket holders will be contacted. 

Ellen Ugelvik 
Kristine Tjøgersen (1982–), Piano Piece (23’)  
Vilde & Inga with the junior ensemble Barratt Due
Sjødyktig - by Vilde Sandve Alnæs and Inga Margrete Aas
Ellen Ugelvik + Sanae Yoshida
George Crumb (1929–), Otherworldly Resonances (for Two Amplified Pianos) (19’)
Cikada strykekvartett        
George Crumb (1929–). Black Angels (20’)

The event has an 18 year age limit.

Recordings from a forest and its inhabitants in Tjodalyng is the inspiration for the sonic material in Piano Piece. Composer Kristine Tjøgersen attempts to recreate and redevelop sounds of insects, birds, leaves, water, and creaking trees, as well as the presence of humans in the forest. The work explores how we relate to nature, the human need for control, and how we place ourselves at the centre of the world. Tjørgersen has a deep fascination for trees, their underground communication network and secret life. At the same time, we are introduced to the inner workings of the grand piano – a space the listener rarely sees or relates to. Both these areas have many aspects that are yet to be explored.

Vilde & Inga's project with the junior ensemble at Barrat Due is an innovative melting pot for musical and instrumental experimentation, exploration of sound, tone, and the act of listening. All these elements are in play when improvisation from the professional duo Vilde&Inga meets the sound of a new generation of musicians. Vilde&Inga (Vilde Sandve Alnæs and Inga Margrete Aas) achieved rare success with their improvised music as classical performers. Their accomplishments include award-winning CDs with the prestigious record label ECM amongst others, special appearances at top festivals, and collaboration with well-known artists. They are a guiding light for a new and creative direction in the field of classical music.

George Crumb is one of the most performed composers today. He is known as an explorer in music with alternate forms of notation and expanded instrumental and vocal techniques. His work Otherworldly Resonances for two pianos is based on a hypnotic four-tone motif. It was one of Crumb’s first piano pieces after a break of almost 15 years. Black Angels is written for an eclectic string quartet where the instruments are amplified until the volume reaches the pain threshold. The musicians use instruments in untraditional ways, as well as whispering, singing, shouting, and drumming. Crumb was influenced by painful memories from the Vietnam War when he wrote Black Angels, which is subtitled Thirteen Images from the Dark Land.

Image based on photo by Observatoriet.

A part of PÅ!, a concert series focusing on contemporary composers. Our collaboration with leading musicians and ensembles brings both well-known and new performers to the stage. The series is developed in collaboration with Therese Birkelund Ulvo and UR-produksjoner, with support from Norsk Komponistforening and Arts Council Norway.

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