MiniMUNCH: Kid's Art Day Soup Art

At MUNCH, we devote one Sunday each month to our little visitors, with artist-run activities and creative, playful exhibition tours


Meeting point: Lobby
28.05.2023 11:00
28.05.2023 12:00
28.05.2023 13:30
28.05.2023 14:30
11.06.2023 11:00
11.06.2023 12:00

Our aim is to focus on children's experience of art, and to allow them to encounter art on their own terms. 

Suitable for: 3-12 year olds, accompanied by adults
50 NOK per child (includes admission)
Adults must buy regular entrance tickets 

A playful and boundary breaking workshop

The workshop «Suppekunst» (Soup Art) by Anja Carr is inspired by her own photo series «Soup» where her face is bathed in plastic toys and micro plastic mixed with food. The children are invited to compose their own imaginative and picturesque «soup» with all kinds of strange food ingredients, toys, and color pigments — they are also to feel free to take snapshots with your mobile phone or our polaroid cameras afterwards! 

Do you want to join an improv dance tour of our exhibitions?

In this dance tour for children, the dancers use their fantasy in order to immerse themselves in the landscapes and people seen in the paintings. They take the children with them on a journey through the hard and the soft, the melancholic and the lively, death and love. Everything is conveyed with humor and playfulness. An underlying theme here is to challenge established gender norms and to take a closer look at queer ways of expression. This is, amongst other things, shown through costumes and play with gender stereotypic qualities, poses, and movements; all material taken from the performance Blooming. Here, there are no limits to who you can be!

Ticket gives access to workshop and tour. 

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