Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Concert

Experimental and human: A synth player spins musical silk, presented in collaboration with the Øya Festival.


13.04.2023 21:00

Doors open 20:00 
Event start 21:00 
18 years age limit

American composer, keyboard player and vocalist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith spins musical silk from her amazing collection of analogue synthesizers. Her speciality is using the legendary Buchla modular synths dating from the early 70s, but there’s nothing retro about her textured and gorgeous music. Her latest album Let’s Turn It into Sound came out on Ghostly International in 2022. 

Her most recent music is playful, inquisitive and excitable. Detail-rich songs are narrated by her six invented characters. She invites listeners into a world that is both experimental, and feels like the most human thing in the world.

As well as her former band Ever Isles, she has collaborated with Panda Bear (Animal Collective), Emile Mosseri and synth legend Susanne Ciani. 

Presented in collaboration with the Øya Festival.  

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