Jenny Hval

Join us for a night in Jenny Hval's multifaceted universe.


11.03.2022 20:00

Jenny Hval is an Oslo-based musician, composer and writer. Multidisciplinary and transgressive are words often employed to describe her art, but Jenny Hval’s polyphonic artistry is in fact seamlessly interwoven between musical, literary, visual and performative modes of expression.

She has composed and recorded a new work for MUNCH's audio guide to Edvard Munch Monumental, the exhibition showing some of Munch's largest paintings. Her response was The Glowing Room, a song that travels through time and space investigating the relationship between science and art.

Her latest single, Jupiter, is set near another ambitious artwork, the sculptural art installation Prada Marfa. It explores the similarly dangerous relationship (or relationshop) between capitalism and art.

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