10 things to do at MUNCH this SUMMER

See Astrup, Warhol and Munch's masterpieces. Enjoy shellfish by the sea, take a bath, and get to know a nine meter tall figure. The summer at MUNCH offers something for everyone!

1. Experience astrup and warhol in our summer exhibition

This year's Summer exhibition ranges from the popular Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup and pop artist Andy Warhol, to the avant-garde artist Kurt Schwitters who lived for long periods in Norway. This large exhibition on the entire museum's third floor takes a closer look at the art collection of one of the actors in the Norwegian art field, the Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

Here you will also find German expressionists, American photography and female pioneers such as Louise Bourgeois and Sonja Ferlov Mancoba. In addition to world-class works of art, interactivity and digital tools have been used to create new art experiences.

Learn more about Playing Pieces here


The café in our lobby has an excellent outdoor seating area where you can enjoy tasty lunch dishes right by the sea. With a view over the fjord and lovely sun conditions, this is the perfect place for both a break during the museum visit, or as a destination in itself. 

If you have something to celebrate, or just looking for a slightly more stately setting, we can recommend the restaurant on floor 12 – for lunch or dinner. Eat and drink well with stunning fjord views and surrounded by world-class art.

Read more about our eateries, have a look at the menu, or make a reservation here


From the outdoor terrace you can see straight on Bjørvika's latest addition, the nine meter high bronze sculpture The Mother, designed by Tracey Emin. The statue is located on Inger Munch's pier, in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow based on seeds collected in the inner Oslofjord. Around the flower meadow there are good opportunities for both sunbathing and swimming, or just strolling a walk.

The area around MUNCH has a wide offer of exciting restaurants, shops and galleries. You can also rent floating saunas, or just jump into the ocean from one of the nice new bathing spots like Inger Munch's pier or the Opera Beach. If you want to boulder, rent a kayak or SUP board, DNT offers both group trips and intro courses from its Friluftshus on Sørenga. Alternatively, you can just take a breather while the children unfold in the popular playground at the award-nominated Stasjonsalmenningen.

Mikes's Corner, Kumi or Café Platz are good lunch spots. Are you into trends, the Envelope1976 and Holzweiler concept stores are highly recommended, or you could visit the Kösk gallery and the concept stores Heaven Scent or Dapper. Round off the lovely summer night with a drink at the colorful Hammerhai bar.

4. Join us create, develop and play in this workshop

The Brain Maze is a large and winding maze in brown, curly cardboard, which fills one of the largest halls at MUNCH. You can disappear in it, write and draw on the walls, play games, crawl into a dark cave, or simply settle down for a breather. The only limits are those imposed by your imagination!

The Brain Maze

The installation is inspired by the human brain, as well as by Munch’s experimental working methods. 

Read more about this interactive  experience

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Are you visiting us for the first time, or do you just want a little more knowledge before you experience the artworks on your own? Every Saturday and Sunday we offer the introduction Short on Munch, in English and Norwegian. Intriguing stories and unexpected perspectives will give you a greater understanding of the works. 

Book tickets for Short on Munch here


From our outdoor terrace on the 13th floor you can enjoy the weather with a cooling glass in hand. The spectacular views of the city and the fjord - as well as the new beach Operastranda, form a great backdrop for a proper holiday selfie. Maybe you dare to lie down on the sloping windows and really experience the city from a bird's eye view as well?

A completely new district has emerged since MUNCH's cornerstone was laid on the museum site in 2016, and from the upper floors you have a full overview of what is happening on the street level below you.

Check out Kranen's opening hours or book a table at Tolvte here.

7. Experience an atmospheric fusion of music and visual art

The black metal band Satyricon has created a specially composed piece of music that is connected with selected paintings and graphic works by Edvard Munch in the exhibition Satyricon & Munch. The result is a monumental and at the same time intimate experience, which grabs your senses the moment you enter the hall. The last chance to see this exhibition is 28 August.

Introduction to the exhibition

8. Take a break among huge paintings

Experience Edvard Munch's largest paintings, which measure up to 50 square meters and are so large they had to be hoisted through a hole in the museum wall. In this specially built double-height hall, you will also find a discovery table where you will be able to explore natural materials and discover more about the processes linked to Munch’s monumental paintings.

Edvard Munch Monumental can be found on floor 6

Visit from a school class

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9. See the chair Munch painted his dying sister in

Did you know that Edvard Munch bequeathed all his assets - including furniture, clothes and painting equipment - when the Municipality of Oslo inherited the collection?

We have objects on display that’s never been exhibited before, and have also made a model of Ekely, Munch's home for the last 30 years of his life. Here you can touch, test and explore everything you see. You'll find the chair his sister Sophie died in, his travel chest, the unique bedspread he also painted, and much, much more.

The exhibition Edvard Munch Shadows can be experienced on floor 5.

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In the same rooms as the masterpieces The Scream, Madonna and Girls on the Bridge are on display, children can peek into images based on stories by the author Lene Ask, who conveys the themes underlying Munch’s work in child-friendly terms. 

For older children, a series of tasks and questions posted on the walls will encourage to reflect on Munch’s art. The exhibition can be found on the museum's floor 4, and you can read more about it here.

Nice to know when visiting with kids

Baby strollers can not be brought into the exhibition halls, parking can be found outside the main entrance. We have baby carriers for loan. During weekends, inside parking for strollers can be full from time to time, and strollers must be parked outside. 

Toilet and baby changing: You find HC-toilets with baby-changing in the cloakroom in the lobby and floor 3, 6, 9, 12 and 13.

Escalators and lifts: You move between the floors using escalators or lifts.  The lift from the lobby runs directly from the 1st to the 12th floor and is reserved for guests to the bar and restaurant, while the lifts located in the area where you have shown your ticket serves all floors with exhibitions.

Please give priority to wheelchair users and those in need of lifts.

Food & drink: The café in the lobby offers good food and a casual atmosphere. Here they have baby chairs for loan, and the possibility to find something everyone can enjoy eating.

Only baby food and necessary medecines can be brought into the museum. 

Help us take care of the art: As a general rule, it is not allowed to touch the art. If we show art you can touch, you will be clearly informed about it. Keep an arm's length away, and talk to the kids about why they can only see - not touch.

Photos: As a visitor you are more than welcome to take pictures. However, you may not use flash inside the exhibition halls. 

Lost property is delivered to, and can be picked up, at our reception, which is located to the left of the main entrance.

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