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We offer an exciting range of creative workshops for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Join a workshop on your own, with friends or as part of a group.

Are you looking for a creative and practical introduction to Edvard Munch’s methods and techniques? Or do you just want to explore different ways of expressing yourself creatively under expert guidance? We have an exciting range of workshops designed for visitors of all ages and skills levels. All our workshops use works in our collection as inspiration. Led by professional artists or experienced members of our education team, you can be confident of enjoying a rich and motivating  learning experience.

Please contact us to arrange a group workshop, or register to attend one of our scheduled workshops.


Munch’s drawings often consist of a combination of different types of lines: some that are loose and evocative, and others that are thicker and more tightly controlled. In this workshop we work on a large format, using charcoal and water-based paints on good quality paper. We challenge you to try out different ways of using drawing tools. You’ll find out what it feels like to make heavy marks and to draw with a lighter touch, and how you use your hand and the drawing tools differently for these different modes of drawing. At the same time you’ll find how transparent layers of colour can give volume and depth to a shape drawn on paper. You can use the drawing tools and media to give expression to your feelings and emotions.

This workshop is especially suitable for kindergartens and early years schoolchildren.


Munch had many ways of handling paint. In a single painting there may be areas where he left the canvas bare, others where he applied the paint very thinly, and others where he applied thick smears of paint. Have fun discovering how surprisingly many ways there are to apply paint! You will discover new aspects of Munch’s paintings and gain a new understanding of what it can mean to paint.

This workshop is suitable for everyone aged six upwards.



Discover the expressive possibilities of Munch’s very own printing method. Munch began experimenting with woodcuts in Paris in 1896. The conventional technique for making multi-coloured woodcuts was to use a different plate for each colour, but Munch invented his own method to simplify this laborious process. He sawed his printing plate into several sections and then applied different coloured inks to each section.

In this workshop, you will print from pre-sawn copies of the plates Munch used to make his prints. One example we will work with is Munch’s Woman’s Head against the Shore. This workshop is an engaging introduction to the creative possibilities of printmaking, and everyone can achieve good results.

This workshop is most suitable for participants aged 15 upwards.

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