Visits from schools and kindergardens at Tøyen

We can offer specially tailored tours or your group can explore the Museum independently.

The Museum at Tøyen offers tours for kindergartens, school groups, universities, university colleges and others . Groups hat want to explore the Museum at their own pace are also welcome to do so.


  • Kindergartens, maximum 15 children per group: NOK 600. Free admission.
  • Primary school, grades 1–2, maximum 15 children per group: NOK 600. Free admission.
  • Primary school, grades 3–7, and lower-secondary school, max. 25 students per group. NOK 600. Free admission.
  • Upper-secondary school, maximum 25 students per group: NOK 600. Free admission.
  • Students, maximum group size 25. NOK 600 + admission NOK 60 per person. After 2.30 pm and at weekends the fee per group is NOK 900.

Please contact us at to book a tour.

If your numbers exceed the maximum group size, we will do our best to arrange parallel tours for a maximum of two groups. Please note that this will not be possible in all exhibitions.

Groups can also reserve the Museum’s education rooms in advance for art-related activities and for eating packed lunches. Please contact



Schools and kindergartens that want to arrange self-guided visits to the Museum are very welcome to do so. Admission to the Museum is free for teachers and school students. We would be very grateful if you could contact the Museum in advance in order to arrange the time of your visit.

For more information and bookings:

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