MUNCH will now open in Spring 2021

The planned opening of the MUNCH in the autumn of 2020 must be postponed until the spring of 2021 due to the remaining work and lack of takeover of the building from the contractor.

Delayed deliveries of fire and security doors, central operating systems and Covid-19 have led to a delayed takeover of the new MUNCH from the responsible contractor to the client.

‘We are late, but at the same time well underway to solve the challenges we have experienced with performance and stable operation related to the climate systems in the building’, says project director in the Municipal Undertaking for Cultural and Sports Facilities, Per Egil Steen.

The new museum has an advanced climate system to meet the requirements for storage and exhibition of art. Testing and adjustment of the climate systems has not been completed, and the contractual requirements for stable operation are currently not met.

‘We follow up the supplier closely, and work together to find good solutions’, says Per Egil Sten, and emphasizes that the Municipal Undertaking for Cultural and Sports Facilities will take over the building from the contractor when the climate systems are confirmed to be stable.

The new museum building will provide optimal conditions for own and borrowed collections. The relocation of art to the new museum can only be initiated when the climate systems have been documented and confirmed as reliable.

‘We understand well that the news about the postpone opening is disappointing for many. It is for us too. At the same time, it is absolutely crucial that temperatures and humidity are in accordance with the requirements for storage and exhibition of art’, says Stein Olav Henrichsen, director at MUNCH.

MUNCH is looking forward with excitement and anticipation to moving into a new building and will continue to offer art experiences at MUNCH Tøyen while they wait for the new museum to open in Bjørvika.

‘The new museum will be fantastic with both our own collections as well as international exhibitions of world format’, says Stein Olav Henrichsen, director at MUNCH.

 MUNCH manages the largest collection of Edvard Munch's art in the world, which is considered Norway's most important contribution to the Norwegian Cultural Heritage.

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