Ian Cheng

BOB (Bag of Beliefs) (2018–19)

A three-eyed serpent wriggles and transforms itself. BOB is a ‘bag of beliefs’, an artificial lifeform shaped by an inner congress of sub-personalities and an apperception engine that generates an evolving map of its world. BOB is further influenced by your own parental directive via the BOB Shrine mobile app. If your input positively affects BOB’s life, it will reward you with a blessing. But if you influence BOB’s life toward further suffering … who knows?

Ian Cheng (b.1984 USA, based in New York, USA) works with AI, digital world building (worlding) and animation. He builds simulations exploring how beings cope with changing environments. In 2015 he founded production company Metis Suns, dedicated to developing worlding skills. His BOB project is an evolving work that Cheng is currently adapting into an animated miniseries.

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