Helle Siljeholm

Commission (2022)

In this sculpture Helle Siljeholm explores Blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin, NFTs and the new hypothetical internet, Web3) as a poetical concept and physical form. Transparency, security, consensus and decentralisation across distributed networks lie at the heart of Blockchain. Siljeholm has simulated this by asking various people to send her wooden sticks which she then used to construct a ‘tree’ with trunk and branches made of copper (an essential metal in all kinds of electronics). The piece visualises hidden structures connecting ecology, technology and the social framework.

Helle Siljeholm (b. 1981 Norway, based in Oslo, Norway) is a visual artist, dancer and choreographer. She has been involved in dance since 2003, and her art involves film, installation, sculpture, dance and performance. She frequently involves outside participants in her work, which she wants to act as diverse, poetic, physical and social platforms for individual and collective ideas of the past, present and future.

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