MINIMUNCH: Neighbourhood Art Day

Adults from the Gamle Oslo neighbourhood are invited to bring their kids to an informal afternoon at the museum.

One Sunday each month we invite families from our neighbourhood to experience art. Families can take the opportunity to participate in new and longer-established educational activities, and our staff will also be available to chat about art over a cup of tea or coffee. Light snacks.

Get free tickets:
We have 20 available spots for 11-13 and 20 spots for 13-15. 

Programme 22  may
 11-13 and 13-15   

Would you like to make a collagraph print? Edvard Munch tried out many different ways of making images. At our workshop, you will find out how to make a type of print called a collagraph. This involves making a printing plate from cardboard and other materials and then printing the image onto paper. The artist Marie Cole will lead the workshop.

This Sunday, we also invite you to explore the interactive art installation The Brain Maze, created by the artist Jennie Bringaker. Inspired by Munch's free and experimental methods, and the creative and logical potential of the human brain, we have created an immersive visitor workshop for everyone who loves to play. Inside The Brain Maze you can write and draw on the walls, go off and explore on your own, or simply take a break.

Programme 25 september
 11-13 and 13-15   

This Sunday, MUNCH invites you to make shadow theatres with Munch-inspired figures and mobiles. In the workshop, we will use paper to make our own figures. We will then fix the figures to mobiles and create our own shadow theatres.

Programme 30 October
 11-13 and 13-15   

Would you like to make pictures by cutting, sticking and painting? We will work together to make pictures by experimenting with combining collage and painting. The artist Marie Cole will lead the workshop.

Programme 27 november
 11-13 and 13-15 

 Colours can be very important for creating atmosphere in a painting. In this workshop we will use cardboard to make landscapes in boxes ‑ small worlds in which we can control the lighting and atmosphere. The artist Marie Cole will lead this workshop.

Programme 11 december
 11-13 and 13-15 

Would you like to make Pop Art-inspired jewellery and decorations featuring images by Munch? We will use colourful beads as 'pixels' to make decorations based on low-resolution photographs. The artist Marie Cole will lead the workshop

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