The Cultural Schoolbag 2021/2022

15 November our offer for 7th grade pupils starts up in the new MUNCH.

As part of our annual programme, we invite Oslo’s 7th graders to visit MUNCH and the permanent collection exhibition Edvard Munch Infinite. Experience world-famous images such as The Scream and Madonna, as well as unfamiliar masterpieces from our collection.

 Photo: Ole-Martin Sandness © Munchmuseet

Visits include a session in the museum’s new workshop, where students will learn about Munch’s experimental working processes and be inspired to investigate for themselves what is beautiful or ugly, right or wrong.

The offer is given to Oslo's 7th graders, through Oslo DKS.


The Cultural Schoolbag is a national programme designed to ensure that all primary and lower-secondary school students have the opportunity to participate in artistic and other cultural activities provided by professionals in the cultural sector. The programme is intended to provide primary and lower-secondary students with easier access to various forms of artistic and other cultural expression, so that they develop more familiarity with culture and a positive attitude towards it.

The objective is to contribute to the development of a well-rounded and deliberate integration of artistic and cultural expression in the realization of school learning goals.

Click here to find information and schedules for The Cultural Rucksack in Oslo.

More about MUNCH's offer to schools here. 

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