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The Brain Maze

Inspired by Munch’s free and experimental methods, and the creative and logical potential of the human brain, we have created an immersive visitor workshop for everyone who likes to play. In The Brain Maze you can write and draw on the walls, explore on your own, or simply take a break.


Floor 9
05.02.2022 – 18.04.2022

When Edvard Munch was a little boy, he once used piece of charred wood from the stove to make a large drawing in the middle of a floor that had just been mopped by his Aunt Karen. Instead of a scolding, he got praise for the picture he had made. Taking this story as our starting point, we have invited the artist Jennie Bringaker (born 1978) to create a playfully innovative universe, designed to entice and challenge visitors to indulge in creative self-expression.

The Brain Maze

The Brain Maze – an enormous yet intricate labyrinth of crumpled cardboard – will fill one of the largest galleries at the new MUNCH in Bjørvika. You can disappear into this labyrinth and write and draw on the walls, explore at your own pace, crawl into a dark cave, or simply settle down for a breather, among other things. The only limits are those imposed by your imagination! The installation is inspired by the human brain, as well as by Munch’s experimental working methods. Among other things, Munch had a large, heavy album that he called The Tree of Knowledge, which he used to collect and explore ideas, texts, sketches and printed images – almost like a kind of external brain.

Jennie Hagevik Bringaker (born 1978) is an artist and scenographer who lives and works in Strømmen on the eastern outskirts of Oslo. She studied at the Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College and NYU Steinhardt in New York. Over the past two years she has focused on making figurative sculptures, which she has exhibited at the Association of Norwegian Sculptors, Kunsthall Oslo, Tenthaus and The Drawing Triennial 2019. From 2013 until 2018 she ran the Trollkrem performance platform in collaboration with Tor Erik Bøe. Particularly memorable projects included The Fungus, the Trollkrem Fan Poster series and Trollkrem Import.

The Brain Maze is a part of the educational series Come think with us!, a series of ambitious and immersive visitor workshops that will demonstrate our approach to gallery education and visitor experiences at the new MUNCH. The workshops will invite visitors to create spatial experiences in collaboration with artists, and will encourage visitors to engage in free and imaginative self-expression. Each project will consist of a large-scale installation that visitors can enter and move around inside, giving them the opportunity to experience and explore art in new and exciting ways. The themes for these “do-it-yourself” spaces are taken from Munch’s creative practice and are linked to topics of current social relevance. 

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