Close-up of a young smiling girl looking out between large pink, red and brown pillows.

The Chamber of Chaos

Explore The Chamber of Chaos, a fantastical, imaginative play-space for children, where normal museum rules do not apply.

Interactive experience

Floor 10
25.03.2023 – 27.08.2023

Children often experience a museum as a place where they have to behave, follow certain rules, not touch anything, stay quiet and keep their distance from the displays. The Chamber of Chaos gives them a space to do the exact opposite. 

In collaboration with the artist, set designer and costume designer Fredrik Floen, MUNCH presents a space on the 10th floor where children can play and let their imagination run free, using a variety of soft-play ‘building blocks’ and other objects, as well as specially designed and constructed architectural features. The overall experience will be dynamic, stimulating for all the senses, and fun. With its vivid colours and shapes, the room will inspire children to go deeper into the realms of their imagination. Adults can either relax in another area of the room or join in the fun and games.   

The Chamber of Chaos is the second in MUNCH’s series of innovative and immersive visitor workshop for children, Come Think with Us!. The first was The Brain Maze (2022).

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