Change the time on your ticket

Are you unable to visit us as planned? Entrance tickets to MUNCH are non-refundable, but you can easily change the time on your ticket by following the steps below. Change of ticket must be done before the original time of your ticket.

NOTE: the solution to change the time of your tickets on your own is temporarily not available. If you need to change the time on your ticket, contact us at

The change must be made for each ticket category, if you have bought for both children, under 25 and adults.

If you are going to change an order, your entire order must be changed. You will not be able to change individual tickets in a booking consisting of several tickets (of the same variant).

It is unfortunately not possible to select an open time on the ticket, but you can make this change several times.

  1. Find your tickets, you need the ticket barcode and PIN code that you can find at the bottom of your tickets
  2. Go to this page
  3. Enter barcode BVIKAXXXXXXXXXXXX and PIN code XXXX-XXXX (incl. hyphen)
  4. Click to see available times, select the desired date and time and confirm selection
  5. Finally, enter your email address and submit. You will receive the new tickets shortly.

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