The MUNCH Interviews: Helle Siljeholm

Get to know Helle Siljeholm in this first part of our new series of artist portraits called The MUNCH Interviews.

Helle Siljeholm is a choreographer and visual artist, based in Oslo. For the opening of MUNCH, Siljeholm has created a video installation for the screens in the museum showing dancers and mountaineers scaling the mountains at Kolsås in a performance that originally took place in August, 2021. Visitors can follow the climbers upwards through the building, culminating in a telescope on the museum’s 11th floor, pointed at the cliff-face. Siljeholm creates both a conceptual and concrete connection between the museum, the city and its surrounding landscape.

More about the video installation The Mountain Body – Kolsås, that you can experience at MUNCH until 27 October. 

There's more to come from this exciting artist at MUNCH... stay tuned. 

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