The Research Library

The museum's library is closed for visitors from July 1st and until we open the new museum in Bjørvika.

Our library is a research library that manages the collection, including all documentation and accrued knowledge about Edvard Munch, and makes it available for in-house as well as external research.

The library's collections consist of:

  • Literature pertaining to Edvard Munch: Books, dissertations, articles and exhibition catalogues
  • Edvard Munch's private library
  • Literature pertaining to visual art ca. 1850–1950, roughly 30 000 volumes
  • Transcriptions of Munch's correspondence, journals and notes
  • Newspaper clippings that cover Edvard Munch's lifetime
  • A extensive collection of documentary photographs: from Munch's life, his portraits and exhibitions

Search the library's database here

+47 23 49 35 00

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